Barbecue & More When You Visit These Irving TX Restaurants

This list of restaurants in Irving TX is going to start with a place that serves up delicious pizza pies. We will get to that in just a minute, and of course as usual, I’m going to tell you about four other great restaurants that you might want to visit. Here are four dining out experiences that you don’t want to miss in Irving TX.

Pie Five Pizza Company is located at 6440 North Macarthur Boulevard. A lot of the best restaurants in Irving are on the boulevard. Pie Five Pizza Company is especially a great place to pick if you are wanting to get lunch on the go. Reviews say that this pizza place is one of the best in Irving, and people mention that the restaurant serves up a delicious dessert pizza as well.

PJ’s Cafe is the place that I want to talk about next, and its location is 2301 North O Connor Road. People call this restaurant an old school diner, and they have a lot to say about the delicious homemade pies. You can order up a great breakfast there, too. PJ’s Cafe is a great place to go in Irving TX if you are wanting some down home cooking.

Now let’s talk about a great barbecue place in Irving. Spring Creek Barbecue is located at 3514 West Airport Freeway, and brisket is the #1 menu highlight for this dining establishment. Enjoy other great meats, hot rolls, corn on the cob and more. And when it comes to dessert, it’s all about the peach cobbler and ice cream according to the reviews.

Let’s go ahead and stick with the barbecue theme for the last restaurant. The place is called Smoke, and it is located at 901 Fort Worth Avenue. Smoke is known for its brisket hash, blueberry pancakes, key lime pie, pulled pork, ribs and more. If you’re up for smoked meat and sides, you might just want to stop by Smoke. Churros also make the menu highlights.

You’ve got two great barbecue restaurants and two other wonderful choices as you look for good eats in Irving TX. Don’t forget about the desserts that were mentioned. Sometimes it’s hard to save room for dessert when you’re dining out. But then there are also main dishes like the blueberry pancakes mentioned for the last barbecue restaurant. Whether it’s time for barbecue, blueberry pancakes or something else, find one of these restaurants in Irving TX and enjoy a meal with your family.